Craft Morgue

This Sprite Stitch thread is where I’ve collected all my papercraft and stitching up to now. I’ll be sure to cross-post future crafts both there and here. For now, check below the jump for some highlights:

Custom Timberwolf

Over 9000 hours in MSPaint.

A 1:40 Timber Wolf papercraft, customized with modified weapons, a kitbashed power armor unit on top, tiny ammo boxes and barrels adopted from other sources, right down to bendy straw pieces connecting the toes to the foot. My most intensive build to date.

Stargate Atlantis Puddlejumper

Better pull in those engines before you hit the gate, Sheppard!

This Stargate: Atlantis puddlejumper might be my cleanest build.

Metroid: Do Not Feed cross stitch

Do not feed who? Me, that’s who.

Not my pattern, but it’s one of the few projects I’ve finished and framed. If you look closely at the Metroid, you can see the white backstitching outlining the body and the “veins” on the inside. That’s glow-in-the-dark thread, and it looks pretty cool at night.

Gunpei Yokoi's Pirates! cross stitch

The game we all wish Sid Meiers had made.

The monthly challenges on Sprite Stitch really spark the creative process. I had a lot of fun making this, and pushed myself with every aspect of it. It was my first experience with dying Aida; it was my first experience with DMC’s fluorescent green Light Effects floss; I even had to hand-build the sprites, since I shrank them down by half to make them appropriately four-bit to match my own experience playing Pirates! as a kid on a 286 with a CGA card. This piece didn’t get the response I was hoping it would on the board, but it’s still one of my favorites. (Maybe that’s why it’s sitting, unframed, in a big envelope, forgotten and alone. Gotta get to work on that.)

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