Sprite Stitch Stitch-A-Long

Sprite Stitch is hosting our first stitch-a-long. It’s a band sampler. Individual bands were solicited from the community. Over 100 bands were submitted. We then voted on our favorites. From the top 8 results, three bands will be randomly selected and given out to the community, one per week. Each individual will select the fourth and final band for zir sampler. We’re encouraged to personalize the bands as we see fit, as well as adding borders and such.

The first band assigned is Super Mario Kart. Some folks have already finished it. I didn’t even get a chance to get started until today! I bought some nice-feeling 28-count linen at The Needlewoman East last week. This is my first time stitching on linen. I’m going over 2. Ordinarily I’m used to stitching on 18 count Aida, so I thought that stitching at essentially 14 count would be easier. It feels smaller, though, probably because I’m getting used to a new fabric and counting technique.

This is all I’ve managed today:SAL 4/4/13

I’m using painters’ tape to keep the edges from fraying. The blue embroidery marker square is my 2 inch mark, and I gave myself another inch in from there to allow for borders.

This is also the first opportunity I’ve had to stitch using my new Nook HD+ tablet rather than just a printed sheet:

SAL 4/4/13 with Nook HD+

It’s so bright that it offset the light balance on the linen.

I’m planning on recoloring Yoshi, maybe switching up a banana or two.

It’s definitely worth checking out the thread on the Sprite Stitch forums. People are doing some interesting things with their borders. We’ve already seen a fair amount of blackwork. User Lileya made a really interesting SNES controller-themed border (and has since released the pattern, so feel free to grab that from the Patterns forum while you’re there!). I’m not sure what I’ll do for bordering yet – I’m just trying to not be a total turtle.

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