Sprite Stitch SAL, Update 2

I finally finished the first band of the sampler for the first Sprite Stitch stitch-a-long! And it only took me all four weeks to do it.

Sampler SAL 02 4-29-30

I made a few changes to the base pattern: I made Yoshi blue (obvs), I changed the mirrored banana peel into a star, I made Toad’s outline black, and I changed Toad’s face and hands. He doesn’t look as swarthy as I imagine Toad to be, but you work with what you’ve got.

I’m starting on the DDR band; you can just see the leftmost arrow below Yoshi. This one will go more quickly. You know, when I actually have a chance to work on it.

Definitely go check out the thread on the Sprite Stitch forums! Lots of people have finished the sampler completely, and their work is incredible. It’s not hard to sift through the last several pages of the thread. Just do it.

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