Where can I get free cursors? THE TABLETOP RPG – in development

So this happened a couple years ago. It’s three pages, fifteen posts per page, worth every penny.

I should explain: some friends and I were on the Gaia Online forums for a long time, pretty much since they opened in 2003. For those who don’t know, Gaia is an enormous PHP-based forum whose major draw is the customizable avatar character attached to each account. We spent a lot of time engaging in extended debates and making deep, meaningful friendships there… and also trolling the population for kicks. Every so often one of us gets the urge to go back and remind ourselves why we keep taking long hiatuses from the site, and then the others join in, and we wind up with threads like those up there.

Earlier this week, one of those friends and I were having a fond-memories conversation about the free cursors thread linked at top. I talked about posting in it again to continue the epic tale of the quest to free all cursors. My spouse proceeded to lay down a challenge: release a tabletop version of Where can I get free cursors? on the blog.

I think I might go further. I think I might make a published product. How could I not share such a rich, deep setting, rife with otherkin and mad science and iCarly? It seems like it wants a fiddly skill-and-trait system rather than the OD&D stuff I’ve been messing with lately… though maybe Microlite20 Modern would fit better. Still, it’d be nice to have a rulebook large enough to feature some art. 😛

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