Craft update: SAL sampler; Black Mage

The SpriteStitch sampler stitch-a-long might be officially over, but I fell behind quickly due to real life. I’m still plugging away, though. I finally (!) finished the second band of the sampler today, the arrows from DDR:

Sampler SAL 04 5-18-13After that photo, I also started on band 3, kuja.girl’s excellent Journey band. I still haven’t picked my fourth band yet, but frankly, I can’t go wrong no matter what I pick. They’re all excellent. The real trouble is going to come when I have to figure out the borders.

I’m also planning to participate in this month’s challenge, A Black Mage Holiday. blackmageheart, the incredible mod who normally runs the challenge, has been put through the wringer with the site and her own life lately, so starrley took over for this month. Since BMH is being given a holiday, that’s the theme of the challenge: send Black Mage from FFI on a holiday and post the results. I’ve got two kids, college courses, and a bunch of stitching projects to do, so rather than stitch my entry I’ve decided to go with a Perler bead sprite.

BM ChallengeI have an idea for how to make the entry a little awesome; we’ll just have to see if I can pull it off. No spoilers, sorry. 🙂

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