(It’s actually been out for a few days. It’s been hard for me to get online. >.> )

Star Trek Cross StitchSTAR TREK CROSS-STITCH is on shelves now! I can’t say enough good things about this book. (And I’m not making any money off it, so you know it’s an endorsement from the heart. 😛 ) The book is the brainchild of John Lohman, creator and administrator of Sprite Stitch. There’s an interview at with John where he discusses the genesis of the project. For me, the book began as a post on the Sprite Stitch forums asking for volunteers for a secret project. Those of us who responded were invited to a hidden forum where the details of the upcoming book were revealed. John posted tons of prospective patterns onto the board for us to stitch for the book. We were also invited to submit our own patterns. One of mine got into the book:

STCS_Klingon_RaktajinoThe text of the pattern is actually a bit of a joke. I had originally just wanted to do the mug and have some vaguely raktajino-related words nearby. My first shot was “replicate your own damn raktajino”, but CBS didn’t want to have “damn” in the book (because no one ever said “dammit, Jim” on the show amirite). So then I tried to find a concise quote about raktajino somewhere in DS9, but I was having trouble. Finally, with a deadline looming, I tossed this onto the board more as a way of venting my frustration than actually submitting an entry. CBS went for it, and now that phrase is my addition to the Star Trek canon. <.<

I also stitched John’s excellent “Qo’noS Sweet Qo’noS” pattern:

STCS_Qo'nosThe completed projects are still with the publisher. I’m really looking forward to getting the Qo’noS stitching back – it’s gonna look badass hanging on our living room wall.

The book is cheap as hell on Amazon: fifteen bucks for a physical edition, less than ten if you order from an associated private seller through Amazon. Don’t bother with the Kindle edition; sources say the patterns won’t enlarge. Hey, even if you never complete any of the projects from the book, set that sucker on your coffee table and enjoy the awed commentary from your friends!

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