Easing back in after a major hiatus.

So I had to drop things rather suddenly this summer due to a confluence of events: the frantic close of the summer semester and the diagnosis of my spouse’s grandmother with an aggressive form of cancer. My spouse’s family lives in upstate New York, so that meant a lot of long drives and exhaustion.

As the fall semester started rolling, things eased up a bit. I was ready to jump back into my normal craft and gaming online routine when the government shutdown started looming. The federal government is the sole employer in this household, so we’ve been responding to having our income yanked out from under us. We’re okay for the moment – we’ve been saving up for a house, so we have a little bit of money to last us until the shutdown ends (we hope). I’m a lot more worried for the thousands of government employees who live paycheck to paycheck. If you know someone who’s a low grade who might need help, or maybe a military family, bring ’em a pie and offer to watch the kids or something. Make them a casserole that’ll last for a few days. Be a good neighbor. πŸ™‚

But I didn’t come here to harp about the fallout of politics. Let me update you on the past few months’ goings-on regarding subjects relevant to the blog.

The one-on-one campaign between my spouse and I has seen a lot of progress. We finished our redux of Season 2 – and then immediately found all our notes from the prior seasons which we thought we had lost. So it was a double joy. We ran a few more mini-sessions for Season 5 (moving from our houseruled True20 to full-on Pathfinder), then came to a realization: we needed to fill in some back history for the campaign world. So Season 5 is on hold again while we run what we’re calling Season 6 for now, despite the fact that it takes place chronologically earlier than any prior season. My spouse is GMing again. She’s taken to running games almost solely off of encounter tables, with the only real planning being some quick notes about the town or savannah or salt flat or river delta we’re visiting. It’s a blast. And yes, lesson learned: I log every session live with a dedicated notebook.

We’ve also brought other players into our setting for the first time. It’s only my spouse’s two brothers, but it was a calculated risk. We’ve had fun gaming with them in the past. I’ve run Mechwarrior, D&D, and True20 for them. But they were teenagers when we last did any long-term games with them, and we weren’t much older. Now the middle brother is 30 and the younger is in the latter half of his 20s. We all wanted to game together again, so my spouse suggested using a beer-and-pretzels pick-up campaign as a way to explore some of the early years of our homebrew setting’s history. We gave them a couple of pregens and threw them into the world. It’s been very pretzels indeed, but they had fun setting grenade traps for mindflayers and hanging out in a snow elf glacier city. The most recent session ended with them capturing a young red dragon and submitting him to psychiatric help. We run a couple of sessions every time we’re all together for a long weekend, which is rare enough that I’m loose-fisted with the experience points and magic items.

In craft news, I finally finished this project:

Keen Swimming

Galactic Standard for “just keep swimming”.

I hope you’ve had an opportunity to enjoy Commander Keen Episode 4 where the Dopefish first appeared. It’s a grand game.

I’m working on a teensy project right now that I hope to show off in the next week. After that, I’d like to revisit the neglected SAL from previous posts on this blog. I finished the final band right when I had to drop everything:

Pardon the fluorescent lighting.

Pardon the fluorescent lighting.

I want to do a fancy border and turn the whole thing into a pillow. My spouse’s parents dropped off an antique treadle sewing machine at our house, one that I can actually operate without it catching on fire and chanting in some long-forgotten tongue of insanity, so I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Keep stitching and/or rolling, and I’ll update again soon. πŸ™‚

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