Quick update

Just got home from a family visit to find that our heating propane is empty… as Winter Storm Megatron comes bearing down upon us. We’ll see if the gas truck can beat the Decepticon onslaught as it barrels toward our home.

Craft updates

  • I’m involved in a pen pal group on Sprite Stitch. I’ve been doing a couple of little projects for my two pals. I’ll see about posting soon (after I’ve sent them!)
  • Didn’t get much done on the sampler over the holiday. Hoping to do more as the semester ends.

Tabletop updates

  • I started a small side Folly campaign for my spouse as a stress reliever, mostly so she wouldn’t feel pressured to work on running season 6. So that means we’ve got three different Folly RPs active at once: seasons 5 and 6 and this new animal which is as yet unnamed.
  • My mind keeps drifting back to the possibility of a Where can I get free cursors? published game. I think I need a shrink.
  • I want to continue the Clannad of the Folly series, but I also want to put in more craft updates first. I don’t want this to turn into a My Headcanon blog. 😛

Simply typing in the word “Megatron” made WordPress go kablooie with suggestions for Transformers related content. “PUT IN THIS ONE ABOUT NIKE DECEPTICON SNEAKERS”, it screams. I’m running away now.

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