Second quick update in a row: new collaborative book project

We went two and a half days without heat, but now everything’s groovy. 🙂

Craft update

Everything is on hold for another super secret collaborative book project on the Sprite Stitch forums. Just like with Star Trek Cross Stitch earlier this year, we’re submitting designs and completing projects for an officially licensed project from a major franchise. I wasn’t able to submit the design I wanted to create because of the time restraints – we were on that family vacation I mentioned last time, so I didn’t have access to my software – but another Sprite Stitch user took up the baton and made something much better than I would have done on my own. So I’ll still get to stitch it, but now it’s going to look tons better because of the Power of Collaboration!

The blog has been rather photo light lately. I want to change that soon. We’re in the process of getting things arranged for Solstice (which we celebrate as our primary winter holiday), and when we can relax I plan on breaking out our pathetic, ancient camera for some not-so-glamor shots of what I’ve semi-accomplished… at least, for the projects I can reveal without breaking a nondisclosure agreement. >.>

Tabletop update

We’ve closed Season 6 (but haven’t locked the door; we may revisit those characters later). Right now we’re back to Season 5 full steam. Our party of eleven (eleven!!!!) is tromping through the Underdark on a quest to go beneath an energy barrier which prevents access to a third of the planet.

During the first portion of Season 5, my spouse played a single character among a cast of NPCs. In the transitional 5.2 period, we split that cast into sub-parties, à la Final Fantasy VI, and ran three mini-adventures (my spouse ran one of them, hitting the ground running after her fantastic work on our remade Season 2).

Now, in season 5.3, we’re trying a new approach: at the beginning of each session, we roll a d10 to determine which character will be the PC for that day’s game. (Two of the party members are currently untouchable NPCs, but possibly not untouchable for long, so I’m keeping my d12s warm.) It’s been highly successful.

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