Craft Update! JAN-FEB Challenge, plus a little more

An actual craft update! Unfortunately, I’m still without a camera at the moment (yeah, it’s time to finally upgrade to one of those iDroids with the apps and the digital computer cameras and the internets), but I do still have some colors to show off.

The January-February challenge on Sprite Stitch is “Manuary and Februlady“. It’ll be the first challenge I’ve entered in quite some time. I’m personally invested in this one for a few reasons. First, of course, is that it touches on gender criticism, a topic on which I can blather for days. Second is that our esteemed BMH quoted me in the opening post – how could I turn down the challenge after that? Finally, it gives me a reason to do a stitch of Princess Peach in coveralls, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

Here’s a PC Stitch export of my Manuary entry, Birdostache:

Birdostache ExportThe colors look a little wonky in PC Stitch because I went to the trouble of hand-selecting the floss skeins by their appearance together under natural lighting, something I don’t do as often as I should. It’ll look much nicer stitched. I’ll also add some backstitched text beneath. I’m trying to choose which phrase to use now.

And my Februlady entry, Peach in Coveralls:

Peach In Coveralls ExportIn this case, the colors look fine because I haven’t yet hand-picked the floss. I’m sure it’ll be terrible on-screen but lovely in person once I finish the process. 😛 I’ve deliberately gone small so that I can make a keychain or magnet out of her. I’ve got a rather busy schedule going, so I want to make sure the projects are stitchable by the deadline without stressing me out. I’d like to do a more portrait-style version in the future, something at least four inches square, suitable for framing.

I already have a destination planned for both of these after they’ve been stitched, so I have extra incentive to get them done!

In other craft news: I finished my portion of the SUPER SECRET BOOK PROJECT back when I was in Florida and have gotten confirmation that it’s been received. I’m pretty proud of it. I found working with Kreinik blending filament and glass beads – on the same stitches, mind – to be much easier than I’d feared. I’m looking forward to when the book is released so that I can show it off to you all.

Lastly: I still haven’t done any work to finish the sampler in the new year. I really want to get it out of the way so it’ll stop nagging at the back of my mind. That’s what I ought to do after the challenge. We’ll see if I manage it.

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