Tabletop: Background Music as Action Points

Every character at your table has three music slots. These slots are each filled by one song. The song sets a mood: drama, action, triumph, danger, angst.

When your character wants to ensure success at a task, or turn the tide of combat, or lend an air of defeat to an enemy’s plan, or summon forth Slash’s Fuzzy Top Hat of Insight, you spend one of the songs on your sheet. The GM plays the song or a predetermined portion thereof on the laptop as you describe what happens. The slot is spent and remains empty until you level up / reach a new act in the story / defeat a bard in personal combat, at which point you can refill all of your slots with songs. No song may be used twice in the course of a single campaign, so you’d better hold back Kansas’s “Carry On Wayward Son” until you really need it.

Everyone in the group contributes five bucks to buy the GM an iTunes gift card.


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