Stitches: Luna & Artemis


Sprite Stitch user SonnySplendor posted a really awesome Luna & Artemis yin-yang pattern. You know how it is with fandom stitching projects: when the spouse sees it over your shoulder, it gets added to your project list. 😛 It’s super-cool – and better yet, it’s only three colors. Well, it’ll be four colors for me, since I don’t think I could stand to leave all that white space in Artemis unstitched.

I’ve been working on it off and on for the past week, not that I have much to show for it; it’s been much more off than on. Stitching hasn’t been my top priority lately. >.> There’s a mistake I’ll have to rectify, but otherwise I’m enjoying it: big, mindless blocks of a single color. Perfect for stitching while watching an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or Arrow.

So tiny!

So little accomplished. -_-

I don’t normally do the start-in-the-center method. I usually grid out the stitching area with embroidery marker, the blue kind that disappears with cold water, and then start stitching at the top left corner. But this image doesn’t have corners, so that would mean a lot of counting over to get from a corner to the beginning of an edge row, which means more chances for counting errors. Plus, the piece of aida I’m using is one of those inexpensive poly-bagged 12″x14″ bits from AC Moore – almost exactly the right size for this stitching plus a couple spare inches for framing. And the aida was already folded in the bag such that the axes of folding met right square in the middle. It was meant to be.

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