Stitches: Luna & Artemis update, plus Timber Wolf

I’ve gotten very little done on the Luna & Artemis project. I’ve had a lot of studying to do for physics. But there’s noticeable progress, at least, including fixing a major mistake:

Luna & Artemis WIP 02Also, I was inspired by all the prep work for the upcoming ATOW campaign to return to a Timber Wolf pattern-in-progress I was working on last year. I had taken one of the lineart pieces (the TRO 3050U version by Chris Lewis) into Paint, cleaned up some of the shading, and started tracing over it in PC Stitch. In the end, I realized it would require onerous dimensions in order to maintain detail (those damn fiddly missile pods). Then I remembered that the SNES game Mechwarrior 3050 had a very decent Timby sprite, so I just found a PNG screenshot, shrank it by 50%, and cleaned it up a bit.

Here’s the first run through PC Stitch, leaving the colors untouched:

Timber Wolf V2 WIP - Export 1The calf vambrances look a little brown, and I have a feeling that I’m going to have to reassign a lot of the greys after I do some test stitching. I’m estimating that the actual stitching will be about 5 BMH-hr to complete. My normal stitch rate is about half a BMH, so it’ll take a while. >.< It’ll be a little over four and a half inches on 14 count. I might go nuts and do it on plastic canvas.

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