Luna & Artemis Update, PLUS: Battletech Box Set Special from CGL!

Stitching buddies:

Luna & Artemis WIP 03It doesn’t look like a lot of progress, but I promise it’s actually going rather quickly for the time I’ve managed to invest. I’m doing a pretty steady 0.75 BMH, around 275 stitches per hour. It’s hard to find time to work on it because we’re preparing for a move, but I manage to occasionally sneak a few minutes here and there. At least you can definitely see the kitties’ paws and the edge of Artemis’s tail. I’m working on Luna’s head now (where the needle lies in the lower left).


Gamer buddies:

Catalyst Game Labs is introducing the new run of Battletech Introductory Box Set, and they’ve got a heck of a special to do it: buy two box sets, get an additional set of minis free. That’s one box set for yourself, one for a friend, and a bonus set of minis to disburse as you choose. Or you can hoard it all for yourself. The minis are plastic, but they were already high-quality molds during the first run of the box set. For this run, they’ve retooled them for even higher quality. The sets include all the materials needed to get started: rules, record sheets, maps, and of course the minis.

I had a second edition box set which came with punch-out cardboard standees. It’s possible to play Battletech with pennies and washers and spare dice, but just as with any tabletop game which is based on spacial relationships, minis really make the experience.

Single box sets are $59.99 USD. The two-boxes-plus-bonus-mechs deal is $119.98. That’s a bit of up-front money, and honestly I’m not sure if I’ve got the wiggle room for it myself. On the other hand, the only other way to get minis is through Iron Wind Metals – like it says right there in the title, their minis are metal, and they normally go for three to eight bucks a pop.

I’m not part of any promotional mafia – I’m just excited about this deal. Even if I can’t grab it, I hope you guys get use out of it. 😀

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