Tabletop: ATOW campaign preparations

I think that we’ve retooled Battletech’s setting enough that I can spend time on the actual campaign now. πŸ™‚

Since my spouse elected to be a Clan Nova Cat warrior (specifically, a tanker), I picked Schuyler as the initial setting. It’s a Draconis Combine world in the Pesht district, later the Smoke Jaguar invasion corridor. As with most BT planets, most of the information given regards its war industry, so I have a lot of leeway to design Schuyler how I see fit.

The main focus of the campaign will be Kerrigan, an industrial city on a bay on the east coast of the wide central continent. This is where I’ve chosen to place two of the four defense industries listed as being present on Schuyler. Wakazashi Industries produces light aerospace fighters (but not their weapons; those come from off-world), and Galileo Instruments makes a series of DropShips: the Achilles assault ship, the Behemoth superheavy transport, and the Monarch civilian transport. The city, in typical Combine fashion, is organized into districts: civic, business, service, and residential, the latter split into upper class and everyone else. Tucked between the civic and business districts is a technical college which turns out skilled workers for the industrial corporations on Schuyler. The spaceports and factories are outside the city itself, along with an airfield owned by WI for ASF testing and leased to the local militia (now neutralized). Pastures and farmland run north all the way to the outskirts of Creekshell, the capital. Jungle dominates the rest of the landscape.

SM1 hovertank; artist unknown. Great for player characters – it has a full ejection module for each crewmember.

In the core BT history, Schuyler is not one of the worlds fully or partially ceded to the Nova Cats when they join the ranks of the invading Clans. Our timeline will have the 48th Supernova Battle Group, a canon unit from the Nova Cats’ Delta Galaxy, 274th Battle Cluster, to take the objective. In our retooled take on the Nova Cats, the 48th is a combined-arms Supernova Trinary composed of two armor Stars and a batthesuit/’mech Nova. Their opponents will be another mixed Trinary, an element of the Jags’ Beta Galaxy, 2nd Jaguar Guards. While tabletop battle sessions are not going to be the theme of this game, I think we’ll have fun opening up with a good old-fashioned smackaround. We’ll probably focus specifically on the 48th’s armor stars focusing on the ‘mech star of the Guards so that the 48th’s own ‘mechs can worry about the Guards’ aerospace accompaniment.

The first action of the campaign will be the Trial of Possession for Kerrigan. Depending on the outcome of that battle, the campaign might focus on the problems of taking over a city of people already chafing under Jaguar administration – or it could instead be about a former Nova Cat who’s been taken bondsman by the Jags. My spouse is a good tactician, though, so I expect it’ll be the former rather than the latter. πŸ™‚

Schuyler is a well-to-do world with bunches of people (I’m not sure we’re going to keep the 3.45 billion figure given by Sarna from Objectives: Draconis Combine; maybe drop it by a factor of ten), and though the Jags rule with an iron paw, there are sill plenty of story threads in Kerrigan that are purely local in nature that I’m eager to develop. There’s also the obnoxious pride and aggression of the Jags. They won’t make fun neighbors. Others, both among the Clans and within the Inner Sphere, have their own interests in Schuyler as well. In other words, I have plenty of ways to make life interesting for the PC and the 247th Battle Cluster. πŸ™‚

And as a bonus note, this is the 50th post on the blog – just about a post a week so far, with some ups and downs along the way. Thanks for being along for the ride. πŸ™‚


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