One year old!

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of Tabletop and Stitches. I managed to make my goal of 52 posts in the first year. I kinda forgot about that goal and the anniversary after the last time I made mention of it here, whenever that was, so I didn’t specifically try to make exactly 52 posts or have it hit right under the deadline. I think it’s pretty cool that it worked out that way. 🙂

I’m totally bummed because I can’t find my stitching bag! It’s been misplaced (hopefully temporarily) during our move. That’s part of why I haven’t posted much lately, and what I have posted has been all tabletop. I’ve been aching to update you all on the sudden leap of progress I made on the Luna & Artemis project a couple of weeks ago! Plus the stress of moving has really made me want to stitch. I’ve been pulling my hair out and tearing both the new place and the old place apart looking for it, but so far it’s eluded me.

Anyway, happy birthday to my blog! Thanks for a good year. I’m looking forward to another. 🙂

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