Displaying my Star Trek Book Stitches, Plus: Jan/Feb Challenge Update

We’re still in the process of unpacking and deciding where things go here at the new place. I’ve been testing out displaying some geeky stitches in the main living area:

Qo'nos - HutchOur country-style hutch is where we keep our good china. While the top needs some repairs (soon as we get around to it -_-), the surface has plenty of room to display the Qo’noS piece from Star Trek Cross Stitch. Plus a bunny – it’s getting close to the spring equinox, y’know. I used a little movie magic to obscure the extended family portrait. Get it? Movie magic? Harry Potter movie stamps? I’m so awesome.


LoZ Bookmark + Raktajino - BookshelvesThe Raktajino stitch goes on the bookshelves, right beneath the Legend of Zelda bookmark – one of my first stitching projects. Please pay no mind to the contents of our bookshelves. We’re not vegans, woodworkers, or chicken ranchers. Also, that big untidy stack on the right half of the top shelf is a small portion of our comic collection. My spouse and I found an awesome comic store in Winchester, VA called Four Color Fantasies. It’s possibly the best damn comic store ever. Walk in once, and the family staff will forever after remember your name and preferences. They often run sweet specials, too. We started subscribing to comics for the first time in our adult lives, and that store was the sole reason why. Sucks that it’s too long a drive now. 😦

Oh, and I won third place in the Jan/Feb Sprite Stitch Challenge – “Manuary” and “Februlady”. Recall that I entered “Birdostache” and “Peach in Coveralls”:

I apparently misunderstood the nature of the challenge. If I had realized that my two entries would be competing against each other, rather than there being a Manuary competition and a separate Februlady competition, which was how I figured it would go down – or my first impression, which was that a complete entry would be composed of two parts, one project each for both themes – I probably wouldn’t have entered Peach at all. I was also a little disheartened at the rest of the field, which was mostly composed of people taking projects they’d already stitched and posted on the site and laying plastic canvas moustaches atop them. I like seeing people make projects specifically for the challenge at hand.

That’s actually been codified in the rules for challenges, or it was a while back, anyway: all challenge entries must be new material. The past month’s challenge was to make physical props based on video games, and one of the entries was originally made for a university project. It’s a super-cool sword and its maker is rightly proud of it, mind. I just feel like part of the challenge is making something within the time limit that fits the theme. It’s fun knowing that we’re all interpreting a theme in our own way and scrambling to get it done so that we can show off our hard work. I often turn down challenges that I’d like to enter because I simply don’t have the time, even though I might have a project already completed which would be perfect for the theme. This latest batch of challenge entries makes me not want to bother in the future. :/

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