ATOW Third Session

ATOW - Kerensky's Legacy - Final

Just to learn how to use the “Add Bevel” function in GIMP. >.>

We had a pretty good third session! A little talk, a little action, a little social engineering. Here are the brief highlights, since the content of the session doesn’t lend itself to a blow-by-blow:

  • The DropShip that everyone’s been anticipating, Excellent Vision, brought a batch of green warriors and a star of ‘mechs. The warriors will be distributed among the Stars of the Cluster to receive field training. The ‘mechs will be the foundation of a new ‘mech / armor Nova. The ship will be refit on Schuyler to carry a Star of fighters. When it leaves, it will take a batch of upgraded Sai chassis which will be armed elsewhere. That meant the damaged production line had to be rebuilt quickly. Davrik suggested using Sphere technicians, many of whom probably worked at Wakazashi Industries before the Jags came in. Star Colonel Lanis weighed the security risks versus the need to get the factory online and the machines out the door. She compromised: Sphere techs would be hired, but the Nova Cat MP security would be backed up by increased armor patrols around the factory.
  • Davrik received official notice of his new rank: Star Commander. Davrik will be XO of the new ‘mech Star that will be formed. That means he is outranked by the commanders of both stars in the Nova, but it’s still quite an honor (and a risk) for a recently-conscripted soldier to be given a command position at all.
  • Star Captain Exetea, CO of Beta Trinary – the unit of which Davrik is a member – was impressed during Davrik’s Trial of Position. She had been piloting the Incubus which was Davrik’s last opponent – the one he continued to pound with physical attacks after both his Kit Fox‘s arms had been slagged. She came to talk shop with him the next day. Then they talked shop again. Then he invited her out for coffee. They’ve been on three dates in Kerrigan so far, including one to the opera. They’re so cute together. 😀
  • Davrik is finishing up his training of the liaison cadre. With the Colonel’s blessing, he and the city administrator collaborated on a “community outreach office” – really a reinterpretation of the pre-existing Combine propaganda apparatus which had been shut down by the Jags – which would oversee the blending of Nova Cat and Combine society. The goal is to have people see the Cats’ occupation as a positive thing. You know, the benevolent reformers swoop in and make things better for everyone. There’s even a mixed-background soccer league in the works. We’ll see if it prevents any further attacks.
  • When rumors started swirling about another strike by the mysterious Cat Burglar, so known because security camera footage of her break-ins are altered in real-time so that her head is obscured by an adorable animated cat face (in a nod to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex), Davrik was interested in the means of her access to the security feeds. His high Computer skill roll gave him an edge in discovering the place where she had clamped something, certainly a portable computer of some kind, which had accomplished the obscurement. Another high roll allowed him to set up an alert if the transponder frequency was ever used again.
  • Every ‘mech pilot needs a personal tech. Davrik picked his, at the recommendation of the chief tech: Julia, one of the techs who accompanied Davrik, Ben, and Fuchsia on their first outing to Kerrigan. She’s been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Excellent Vision so that she can get off of asteching for the armor crew and start dealing in her specialty fields as a ‘mech tech. Now she’s happy that she doesn’t have to wait.
  • Davrik also started preparing his ‘mech bay for all of the detail work he plans on doing, hanging sketches and isometric plans here and there. He made his living during his Sphere years as an armor embellisher, putting parade designs on heirloom ‘mechs for rich clients. Now he plans on engraving excerpts from the Remembrance (possibly even some of the secret, hidden knowledge of the redacted Remembrance which he carries) into his Kit Fox‘s armor. Exetea was interested in his work and may comission a small embellishment on her own Mad Dog soon.
  • After a few days, that Cat Burglar transponder went off! Ben and Davrik played buddy cop as they rushed to the scene of the ongoing crime. The ping came from the city administration office. The pair found police arriving just as they drove up. The two Nova Cats and one KPD officer went into the building. The Cat Burglar wore a DEST-style suit and helmet… with cat ears attached. She carried something rolled up beneath one arm. Davrik tried to reason with her, but when she bolted, he shot her. (It should be noted that he doesn’t have Small Arms yet – he didn’t take the Clan Basic Training field since he’s a conscript – so it was a difficult task to make the shot.) Her ablative armor took most of the hit, but she was injured. Davrik and Ben split up to chase her. Our hero pulled the fire alarm and set off the sprinklers, causing the Cat Burglar to slip when trying to escape out a window. She recovered and made it to a lower floor, but was injured. Davrik followed her and grappled. The two were a sight, flopping about on the wet floor, she constantly escaping his grasp and he constantly grabbing her again, until Ben finally showed up and knocked her out. She was taken into custody by the KPD. Ben and Davrik celebrated.

    Apparently, these are a real thing – click the picture to see.

  • Finally, the Excellent Vision arrived. With round-the-clock work, the Sai production line met the established quota in the nick of time. Now that the new blood and new machines have been offloaded, it’s time to reorder the Trinary and get Davrik used to his new ride.

Of course, now that the DropShip has touched down, the next phase of the campaign begins… 😈

7 thoughts on “ATOW Third Session

  1. Another exciting session~

    I am curious about your description of Untrained Skill Checks. Normally they are conducted as 2D6+Relevant Attribute -4 (and any other conditional modifiers)

    Rolling 3D6 is tied to Natural Aptitude. This would only apply here, I believe, if Davrik’s NA were Small Arms. In that case, even Untrained, he gets 3D6 and gets the highest result.

      • During the heat of my first session I somehow blended Skill and Attribute rolls together in my mind…

        “Roll 2D6 and add your Sensor Operations Level plus your Int and Will…” I say. Something is nagging at me, but it won’t manifest as a full realization.

        “Target Number?” the player asks.

        “8” I say, still grappling with this thing I should realize.

        “I have a 10 from Skill + Modifiers before the roll..?!” the player states.

        The train in the tunnel of memory runs me over.

      • Rules flubs plague me. During my early Battletech days I misunderstood the damage transfer diagram. I thought if the armor was stripped from one location, leftover damage went internal first and only transferred when it had trashed the structure of that location. Further, I thought shots which hit a destroyed location transferred to the adjacent internal location. Arm damage suddenly became a direct route to the center torso.

        On the one hand, it was nice to be straightened out by a more seasoned player… on the other, matches suddenly took forever. 😛

    • Can’t blame me for that one – it’s one of the four canon war industries on Schuyler, according to 😉

      My spouse’s bachelor’s degree was in history with a particular focus on Japanese culture. A lot of Draconis Combine material makes me cringe.

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