ATOW Fourth Session

Yeah, I'm totally gonna stick this thing into every ATOW post from now on. :P

Yeah, I’m totally gonna stick this thing into every ATOW post from now on. πŸ˜›

We’ve seen this game go from war drama to political play to buddy cop movie and now to special investigations procedural over the course of four sessions. I’m having a blast. Davrik almost literally had a blast! For more terrible puns (probably not; that was pretty much my bucket), read the highlights:

Julia, Davrik’s personal tech, asked our hero if he had seen the head tech for the Excellent Vision refit project recently. Apparently the guy had taken a truck into town for supplies the prior evening but hadn’t returned. Davrik went to Fuchsia, the quartermaster, to ask if she knew anything. She was pretty busy with paperwork, what with the Vision having just dropped off new machines and supplies, so she was more concerned about the missing truck than its driver. She recommended Davrik go to Star Colonel Janis. He followed her advice. Janis asked: was he volunteering to help? Yeah, of course he was!

Davrik grabbed Bianca, one of the recently-delivered green ‘mech pilots and one of Davrik’s new Starmates, and headed into town to investigate. The liaison office sent them to the police, where a little charm got Davrik access to the security camera feeds for the city. It didn’t take long to locate the truck. A police officer was assigned to investigate with the two Nova Cats. “You’re going to see some real old-fashioned police work,” Davrik said to Bianca. She rolled her eyes at him and informed him that he sounded like a bad holonovel.

The truck was parked outside a bar. The barkeep said that the tech had been inside, hanging out but not buying. He had left soon after and gotten into a black hoversedan. A quick check of the security camera record allowed them to look up the plate. It was a corporate fleet vehicle, belonging to Galileo Instruments, a DropShip manufacturer whose offices were only operated by a skeleton crew for interstellar commerce and record-keeping since the Smoke Jaguars had mothballed their production lines.

At GI, Davrik discovered that the plates for the sedan were present, but they had been switched onto a different vehicle. Presumably the car had been driven off again after the plate transfer. The two Cats asked at the reception desk if anyone had called in sick today. The receptionist got a little huffy; when Davrik noted that he was acting in concert with the Kerrigan PD, she said she needed to call and confirm. In the meantime, she was tapping away at a keyboard. Davrik got a funny feeling and tried to grab her keyboard, but she finished what she was doing before he could stop her. Davrik sent Bianca to cover the door, which she did gleefully. He snatched the keyboard anyway and turned her monitor so he could make a Computers check to see what she had been up to. Turned out she was sending a message to an absent employee about two Nova Cats asking after him. Davrik hurriedly looked up his address, and the two Cats were off again.

They found the GI employee’s apartment in the seedy section of town. Davrik had a hunch, and he checked the windows before trying to enter. Sure enough, there was a wire rigged across the sash, and he could see another across the doorframe. Booby traps. He radioed in to the Colonel, who dispatched a demolitions expert. It turned out to be a pentaglycerine bomb set up as if reading instructions from a how-to post on the darknet. Once the apartment was safe, Davrik went into the guy’s computer. He found ID templates for Galileo Instruments and a local computer repair place, as well as a fake work authorization from the Labor Department and a temporary civilian ID template from KPD. There was an ID photo of the missing Nova Cat technician as well. Further, the guy’s bank account had just increased by 4000%. On the way out, Davrik grabbed a picture which showed the GI employee standing with someone else – closest thing to a face shot he could find.

The computer repair shop was their next destination. When the owner saw their Nova Cat warrior’s uniforms, he became very compliant. He happened to have some KPD machines in his shop for repair, including an ID printer. Some more computer access showed that his shop had been entered late the previous night by an authorized ID swipe, and several IDs had been printed from the KPD machine.

Now the duo headed back to the police department. The police agreed to set their facial recognition software on the security camera feeds in the city to search for both the missing tech and the GI employee. After another radioed update, Colonel Landis agreed to set up checkpoints at the city exits.

Finally, the two went back to base. Davrik ate dinner with Exetea and a group of technicians. ‘Tea introduced him to his direct CO, Star Commander Gale. There was some conversation about what to name the new Star, since it had no radio designation. Davrik was the only one who seemed to think that Gale hadn’t actually said anything at all, not even “hello”, instead using gestures and expressions. He asked ‘Tea about it, and she grew quizzical. “Didn’t she? I thought she did. Huh. I can’t really remember.”

‘Tea and Davrik are scheduled for a paintball date soon. ^^’

The fun in this session largely came from the interplay between Davrik and Bianca. She was playing up the youthful sidekick angle, while Davrik was the eyerolling mentor. Also, she claimed that she had to hum Muzak in elevators as a nervous habit.

(Also, I tried so hard to put this in bullet-point format, but I can’t for the life of me get it to keep empty carriage returns between bullet points. It just mashes them together into a wall-o-text, as seen in the last update. Until I can figure it out, I’ll have to stick with longform. :/ )

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    • Yeah – the current property licensees, Catalyst Game Labs, changed the name of the RPG portion of Battletech from Mechwarrior to A Time of War because Micro$oft owns the rights to the Mechwarrior name – primarily for electronic uses, but since CGL releases PDFs… Are we still supposed to spell Microsoft with that derisive dollar sign, or did that go out with the naughties? And am I allowed to turn my baseball cap brim-forward? I don’t know how the hip kids internet anymore.

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