Brainstorming a Disney Display

When I was eight years old, my parents took me to Disney World. At the time, Epcot was still the hip new park. We went around to all of the different regions of the world the park had to offer. Each area had a vendor with baskets of pins with designs like small flags or Disney characters. My parents bought several – they were rather cheap – and I pinned them through the mesh back of the Donald Duck hat I wore everywhere in the park, where they remain to this day, almost exactly twenty-four years later.

Flash forward by a couple of decades. For the past few years, we’ve taken family winter vacations to Florida with my spouse’s parents (and one of her brothers, once, when his schedule opened up to allow him to join us). Her parents have treated us to a couple of days at the park each time. During our tenure there, we discovered that pins have become a big deal and have learned about pin trading. We’ve acquired a small but respectable collection of pins (and it will certainly stay small, given the price tags of these things! Ouch!).

Since we’re in the middle of a move, one of our lanyards and my Donald Duck hat are still in boxes, but I managed to uncover these for the time being:

Lanyards are the typical means by which park visitors transport their pins, both to show them off and to have them close at hand for trading. However, I’d like to have a more visually pleasing way of displaying them at home. Ordinarily, a simple shadow box or unglassed frame would be fine, but I don’t just want to display the pins. I’d also like to show off our themed lanyards – even though they’ll have pin holes in them.

There are also our magic bands. This past year, Disney moved away from their credit card passes in favor of a wristband-based RFID system. The bands are reusable from visit to visit. While their default bands (the ones we got) are typically grey:

Disney Bandsthey also come in plenty of flashier colors. And of course, Disney sells small charms which attach through the adjustment holes on the bands, like those Croc charms all the kids were wearing a few years ago. (We didn’t get charms. I just thought I might alert those of you who have a compulsion to bling everything you own.) I’d like to have our bands on the display, too, and that means the display will have to be something other than or more than a simple frame setup.

Disney Sorceror CardsWhile we’re at it, it would be super-awesome if we could also include our Sorcerors of the Magic Kingdom cards. This is an AR game installed in the park a couple years ago. Players are issued a small pack of cards. They go to kiosks around the park disguised as things like shop window displays or other bits of scenery and fight villains by holding up cards at the appropriate time. Each card has a unique background pattern that is recognized by a camera installed in the kiosk. The game sends you around the park, each step indicating the location of the next kiosk. You can buy more cards, and parkgoers often trade duplicates. The people most likely to play are portly middle-aged men in wide straw hats, threadbare t-shirts, and cargo shorts carrying binders full of cards – and they’re cutthroat traders. The cards are also usable in a cooperative CCG home game which the park gives out to participants.

Given the amount of legwork involved in the Sorcerors game, Disney also wisely invites visitors to engage in a similar game which is limited to the Adventureland region of the park (the piratey / jungley / desertish area), brand new as of last year. Instead of collecting cards, you only use an RFID token, but you are similarly directed to go from kiosk to kiosk to accomplish a mission. Needless to say, we did that, too. I’d show a picture of the token if it wasn’t still packed. 😛

So my ultimate goal is to have a display setup which will both show off our Disney gear and will store it all in one place so that, in the event that we decide to go again, we can grab it all and toss it in the suitcase. That means I’ll need the following:

  • a surface for pin display which will allow easy access to the pins
  • a means of hanging or otherwise displaying pin lanyards and magic bands
  • storage for (at least) or display area for (ideally) our Sorceror cards and Adventureland token

If you have any ideas, I’m all ears. I’d love help with brainstorming. 🙂

One thought on “Brainstorming a Disney Display

  1. sounds like all you really need is a few shadow box frames and some random other bits.
    I would just get a sheet of cork board and cut it to fit insde a shadowbox frame. Wrap the cork in a nice black fabric (or any color obviously) and either pin all the way through the cork and put the pin backing back on or just stick the pins into the cork and leave the bins in a baggie or something else near by (maybe a little pocket made up of extra black fabric to store within the shadowbox but out of sight.
    For the lanyards I would do the same, only using black push pins or small pins to hang the lanyards from.
    A paper towel roll wrapped in the fabric and pinned to the cork or made to look like a bracelet holder stand would work for the wristbands and as for the cards it depends on if you would take them with you, how many you have and if you would need to access them, but in the mean time a binder with card holders would do just fine.

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