ATOW Fifth Session

This was a pretty brief session, since we didn’t have tons of time. A few things were accomplished:

Davrik, taking a risk but wanting to be (somewhat) open with Exetea about his “hidden Loremaster” history after she expressed interest in learning more, handwrote some passages from the forbidden Remembrance and delivered them to her in the morning. She agreed to keep them secret.

The liaison office called for Davrik to keep him posted as requested with regards to the missing tech. The KPD’s facial recognition software pinged a possible hit: someone matching the general features of the missing tech was seen crossing the frame of a security camera at the Galileo Instruments spaceport. The police plan to bring a K9 unit out to investigate.

After growing suspicions about the Cat Burglar, especially when he learned that she was stealing original master versions of the propaganda posters at the liaison office, Davrik decided to approach Star Colonel Lanis about having her transferred to Nova Cat custody. He pitched it as a lead on possible terrorist links, which was sincere, but he also privately felt that it might be more humanitarian to get her into the care of the Cats than to let her languish in a Combine holding cell. After all, those who commit crimes against an office of the state are rarely given due process in the Combine unless it’s to expedite their executions. Lanis gave the go-ahead with only moderate reservations.

Taking Ben and Bianca with him, Davrik headed to KPD and asked to interrogate the prisoner. Realizing the room would automatically be bugged, he conducted a two-tier inquisition: one spoken aloud, the other accomplished via a series of notes passed between himself and the prisoner. The Cat Burglar turned out to be Cynthia Fujiwara, a Free Worlds League native, now a professor of anthropology who most recently (until her arrest) held an adjunct position at the technical college in Kerrigan. She stole the posters as a prospective investment: when trade opened up again, they would make her a fortune as collectors’ items. Her gear came from a DEST agent she dated a while back.

Davrik tried to get her to turn in her DEST girlfriend as a terrorist collaborator, but it turned out the relationship was on Luthien, before the Clan invasion began. He asked if she could trade information on terrorists to him in exchange for her release or transfer to Nova Cat care. She responded that she didn’t have terrorist connections. Davrik indicated that, while he was sympathetic to Cynthia’s situation, he couldn’t burn his favors on someone who didn’t have anything to offer. Grasping at straws, Cynthia asked aloud, couching it as commentary on Bianca’s behavior: “Don’t you guys take bondservants? Is that how you got that Muzak-humming snip?” When Davrik nixed the idea of taking her as a bondservant – what had she done to merit such treatment? – Cynthia wrote that if she was sprung, she’d find some terrorist connections in exchange.

In the end, Davrik arranged for her transfer to Nova Cat custody. The police chief said he would have her delivered that evening. Davrik and his companions went back to home base for dinner, which he spent with Exetea. They’re getting pretty serious. And they haven’t even had their paintball match yet!

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