ATOW Sixth Session

For those more interested in stitches than tabletop: I’m working on it! It’s often easier to run an ATOW session than find space and time to stitch. Luna & Artemis is still in progress, and I hope to have near-completion pictures soon. 

Those Nova Cats are getting too complacent. Time for a Smoke Jaguars attack!

Well, first, Davrik did some patrol duty with Sasha, the warrior who had won the pilot’s seat of the captured Smoke Jaguar Mist Lynx several sessions ago. Their sensors registered something tricksy at the edge of the jungle near town. After some bad luck with Sensor Operations rolls, they determined it was a persion in a mimetic camo sneak suit – but the bogey realized they had picked up zir trail and fled. Davrik and Sasha radioed it in. Star Colonel Lanis sent out a couple squads of infantry to investigate. They didn’t find the bogey, but they collected sign’s abandoned observation gear.

That afternoon, KPD delivered Cynthia Fujiwara, the Cat Burglar, into Nova Cat custody. Since the Clans are a communist-utopia society in our version of Battletech history, they treat property theft and hoarding wealth as- an indicator of mental and emotional trauma rather than a grave crime. Cynthia had a tracking bracelet strapped to her ankle and was assigned a counselor – much better than the barbaric treatment she would face in the jail in Kerrigan.

Okay, now the Smoke Jaguars attack!

After a series of car bombings in Creekshell, the Jaguar-held capital of Schuyler, the Jaguars came stomping for Kerrigan. They claimed the evidence points to a terrorist cell in the Nova Cats’ territory. Since it seems the Cats can’t control their civilians, the Jags sent a force to wipe out the suspected bankrollers and ringleaders of the resistance. To further drive home their contempt for the “kinder, gentler” Nova Cat occupation handbook, the Jaguars didn’t bother issuing a batchall. They simply dropped two Stars north of Kerrigan with orders to raze the suspects’ homes.

Colonel Lanis was obviously pissed. She sent armor out as scouts, then assembled both ‘mech Stars of the reinforced Trinary. This was Davrik’s first actual mission in his Kit Fox. Because this was a late-night session, we chose to truncate the action. (It also convinced me to pick up Alpha Strike, the faster-playing version of Battletech.) In the end, the Nova Cats carried the day admirably, though Bianca had a shaky trial by fire. Davrik’s Star – or rather Gale’s Star, of which Dav is XO – even did better than Exetea’s command Star, probably because the Jaguar commander facing Exetea was one of her one point Enemies.

After the action, Davrik contributed to the negotiations. It wound up being treated as a sort of reverse Trial of Possession for the Jaguars’ data on the bombings. They also handed over their list of Kerrigan citizens believed to have been involved in the resistance. Colonel Lanis directed Davrik to assemble a small task force to develop the investigation. He picked Ben, Bianca, and several conscripted techs. The data was split among the latter group for perusal. An interesting tidbit: the pentaglycerine car bombs were wired to detonators of Clan manufacture. The Jags had assumed the detonators were stolen in the “raid” on the Wakazashi line that consisted of two punks on bikes firing an RPG into the factory.

Davrik turned his attention to the list of conspirators. It included several bankers, a dean at the technical college, and a detective at KPD. Davrik instructed Cynthia to construct a profile of the dean; she had it in his hands that evening.

The next day, Davrik tapped Ben and Cynthia to go question the dean. They brought donuts to increase their friendliness quotient. (Ever since Buddy Cop Night, Ben has had a fascination with donuts.) The dean was forthcoming: he had only spoken out against the Jaguar occupation and was never involved in anything more. He did have new information, though: a chemistry professor had told the head of her department that she’d been approached with an offer to purchase materials for explosive devices. The group thanked him and moved on.

The chem professor, home for the day, was terrified at the sight of three people in Nova Cat fatigues knocking on her door. Still, she was calmed by a second round of donuts. Her description of the pushy buyer mostly matched the Nova Cat tech who had run away.

Next up, the crew went to talk to a bank officer on the Jags’ hit list. She claimed she was just signing onto an open letter defying the occupation at the urging of her boss. The Cats didn’t push too hard.

Finally, they stopped by KPD. Davrik went to speak to the chief. He let the chief know about the detective’s spot on the hit list. He framed it as a personal favor to the chief.

This arc is a little slower to develop than I’d intended, in part because real life keeps getting in the way. Hopefully the next phase will roll out in the upcoming session.




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