Tabletop Update: ATOW paused, plus new Folly campaign?! (not a play session log. :P )

I haven’t updated recently because we’ve been in a flurry of school shopping, grandparents visiting, and school actually starting. Now I have a couple of spare moments. Here’s an update on where we are gaming-wise:

Our ATOW campaign is paused at the last log entry. We realized we both wanted to take a break from the BT universe for a little while. This is a good breather point: right before the Nova Cats move to kick the Smoke Jaguars out of Creekshell and off of Schuyler, immediately after which Davrik and company can begin to address the Clans’ deviance from Kerensky’s vision. I’ve been toying with building a new paper Kit Fox and/or Mad Dog model to commemorate the campaign when we’re done. 🙂

Due to changes in our personal lives, my partner and I have both felt we want to comfort ourselves a little. The most comforting gaming we ever run is the Folly. Earlier this year, in February, we felt that we had closed out our long-running Rasheroshernon’s Folly fantasy campaign. That closure was good, but I think that instead of being a final chapter, it was a move from epic-pace gaming to smaller-scale, episodic gaming. Seasons 1 – 6 were epic in scope, especially Seasons 5 and the second run of Season 2, but we had a great time running Season 7 as essentially a two-day character study based around a single incident unfolding in a single setting. I think now we’re ready to try that kind of lighter-investment gaming with the characters and setting we know and love.

Season 8 just finished its first week last night. The game focuses on Dziaovish, a woman in her ’30s living with her family (including her two kids) in a large and advanced city in the hollowed-out half of the Folly, right beneath the floating moon whose circumference is fully inscribed by the arc the world’s surface would describe if it didn’t look like someone had taken a bite out of it. Dzi began the game by getting a job with a local security / mercenary group. After a break-in and a supernatural event at a medical facility her unit was guarding on her first night on duty, she’s been charged to liaise with the local investigative agency to track down both the people who wanted to break into the facility and the beast which appeared, attacked, and escaped. Since then she’s dealt with all sorts of horrors: a faceless, slender being hiding in a dark alley; a giant python that turned into a children’s toy when defeated; a misogynistic STEMbot living in his mom’s basement; sewer-dwelling velociraptors; and mobsters with tacky decorating ethics and cheap suits. There was a hologram of Mickey Mouse (also sewer-dwelling) in last night’s session.

We’re trading off logging sessions this time. I can’t live-log while running a session, so my entries are briefer highlight reels. Her entries are much more detailed. If there’s interest, I’ll post the Cliff’s Notes version, session by session, probably more condensed than the ATOW logs (this blog is the only place where we have logs for that campaign, so those posts must be more complete than these would be). I’ll even throw in a promise to post one crafting and/or general gaming post in for every Season 8 post I make. Deal? Please comment and let me know what you think.

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