Stitches: Where There Are Bees WIP

I managed to commit myself to some more stitching today for the first time in a couple weeks:

WTAB Progress 9-12-14

Finished the bottom left frame (the contents of which will be changed from a bird to a fox) and started on the bottom right frame. Along the way, I filled in the mob of bees which surrounds the as-yet-unstitched hive and took an opportunistic jab at a nearby length of flower stem.

I’m still sticking to just the one color for now (DMC 3787), out of four total in the pattern. I want to finish that color completely since it’s the most populous one, then reward myself with blue, red, and yellow. I really want to make time to get this pattern finished. I was disappointed with not being able to stitch this summer. August was supposed to be my back-to-stitching month, but with a death in the family and other time-consuming circumstances, it didn’t happen.

Some of you might remember that I was part of the Star Trek Cross Stitch book project. Well, a Sprite Stitch friend got hold of a truckload (maybe literally) of dish towels and bookmarks with Aida strips meant for stitching and passed the savings on to us. I’d like to do a set of Star Trek towels for my partner’s parents as part of their winter solstice gift this year. The Trexel patterns in the book are pretty simple and straightforward and shouldn’t take long at all to do. Still, I promised myself I wouldn’t start a new project until this one was completed. Winter is looming, so now I have extra reason to hurry along with this project..

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