Stitches: Where There Are Bees is groovin’ on

WTAB Progress 10-12-14 01

Those CFL shots, yo. Love that magenta. -_-

You last saw this piece almost a month ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and Jimmy Carter was first harnessing the power of fire to cook his side of mastodon. Now doesn’t this look like a month’s worth of progress? What? You say it doesn’t? It looks like maybe a week’s progress? Well, you’re right. I spent most of September wrapped up in the outside world and didn’t make time for stitching. In the past week and a half, though, I’ve gotten back to this pattern with a vengeance.

The little meatballs on the bottom? Done, despite having to pull out two of them and restitch due to a counting error (my first in the pattern; go me!). Yeah, that’s right, I went to the craft store and bought a new skein of olive. YOLO baby. You like those crowns? Two out of five down. That’s swag, yo. Up in that left frame, how ’bout that bergamot? Custom edited leaves. You can’t buy those in the store. Just gotta slap the last color on and they’re road ready. How about that fox at the bottom? 100% built from scratch. Just filling it in. Got some bees in there and everything. Big hive done, believe it.

What about the other custom edits, you ask? Yeah, I started on that C on the middle left. After discussion, my partner and I decided to switch the Bs in the middle the four letters of our last name. Got that edit patterned up. Fixed up the bottom letter that’s going under the big hive, too. Haters gonna hate.

My hope is to have the whole thing done by this time next week. I love this pattern so much. Stitching it has really been fun. But I’m done, yo. Besides, I have a frame all picked out, and even some bits to decorate it with.

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