Stitches: Where There Are Bees completed! And new Star Trek hand towel!

WTAB Complete 01

Completed and framed!

It’s been finished and framed for several days, but I didn’t want to post it until I’d finished embellishing the frame. When I saw the frame at AC Moore, I knew it was the right one, but I also knew I wanted to add something to it to break up the straight lines. The bees in the corner were polymer clay buttons before they had the button rings lopped off. I finally had a chance to get to Michael’s to find flowers. These were in an inexpensive pack in the papercrafting section – much better than the silk flowers I had originally intended to buy.

WTAB Complete 02

A little dab from the ol’ low-temp glue gun was all it took. 🙂

Again, this pattern is modified from the original Prairie Schooler pattern. The flower has been modified to more closely resemble bergamot – it loses some of that wildness from the original frame, but since my partner’s family’s bees frequent the bergamot in their herb garden, it’s more personal this way. The bird was transformed into a fox. The row of Bs in the middle became our family name; likewise, the B beneath the hive was replaced with a C. Finally, the lower-right crown was augmented to secularize it – all those little crosses seemed out of place. 😛

WTAB Complete 03

Though all the elements are in place, I may take it out and give it another wash, block, and iron. It’s just not as flat as I’d like. I’m happy with the end result, but of course I’m never satisfied. 😛

So now that WTAB is done, I’ve turned my attention toward holiday gifts. This is probably safe to show here, since my partner’s family doesn’t read my blog that I know of.

ST TNG Towel 01

Not only are her parents hardcore Trekkers, they’re devoting their free time toward building sets for a group that’s putting out new TOS-era material, like the excellent Prelude to Axanar documentary-style short film. Star Trek holiday gifts are a no-brainer. I figured it was high time that I broke out my copy of Star Trek Cross Stitch and get something new made. I haven’t stitched anything from the book since it came out, can you believe it?. I’m a bad fan. 😛 Time to make up for my failure.

A while ago, a friend invited me to take part in a major wholesale deal for Aida bookmarks and hand towels. I bought tons of them, knowing I’d use them for gifts. The stitching area is smaller than the pattern by a single row, but I can move the lace on the bottom down a bit – it’s held on by a simple running stitch, and there are several rows of Aida beneath it. Honestly, it’s Worf’s enormous head that makes the TNG pattern so tall. The TOS pattern, which I’m stitching next, will fit without modification.

One thought on “Stitches: Where There Are Bees completed! And new Star Trek hand towel!

  1. Wow a Star Trek cross stitch book – that’s awesome! Also, I love the bees cross stitch but it will look even better once ironed. I highly recommend it. 😉 Love the extra accents to the frame too – what a great idea! I may have to do that to a couple of my framed pieces.

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