Rocket Run Part 4

Edited RocketRun p05

I don’t often go into the eastern portion of Wayward Cave, the one that requires Flash. I usually just duck into the western entrance for TM26, maybe a Gible if I’m doing a run where all the critters come from the Platinum cart (as opposed to breeding an egg from my super-awesome Battle Tower Garchomp). I decided that I wanted to unlock all the stat trainers on this run, so I did both sides. I chose to use the right-hand rule to thoroughly explore the cave, fighting every trainer and grabbing every item. That meant Mira was one of the last encounters I had. It gave the impression of Rocket scouring the cave, looking for something and continually being frustrated at not finding it.

I like the idea of Rocket being nervous around young kids. I’m not sure why. Maybe it puts the lie to her snarky competence. 😛

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