Back from winter hiatus


Let me quickly go over what’s held me back from posting:

  • A difficult winter solstice visit with family – though we got to see friends we haven’t seen in about five years, which was a bright spot;
  • My phone continuing to be explodey – though I finally got it repaired, so now I can finally take pictures again;
  • My laptop deciding to follow my phone’s example – it shorted out, and even though it’s under warranty ASUS wanted to charge twice what I paid for it before they’d repair it, so I’ll be replacing it instead with another brand;
  • The start of the spring semester, which includes a pretty good children’s lit class and a terrible history class (either I have bad luck with history courses or there’s a dearth of competent history professors on the eastern seaboard).

I’ve been stitching here and there where possible. Most of my stitchable moments went into three small projects for friends. Foolishly, I sent them overseas before getting pictures. However, the baby Metroid you see above was my follow-up project. It’s the first time I’ve tried to make a cell phone charm. I was totally winging it. I followed no instructions and have no clue whether my method will stand up to the sort of abuse a cell charm must undergo. It’s a learning experience for me. 😛

I’ve got another project on deck for a swap with a Sprite Stitch member. He stitched an amazing armored Samus, but the end result turned out a little too pink, so he put it up for grabs on the forum. Pink Samus? What do you know, my Metroid-obsessed daughter’s birthday is a couple weeks away! 😀 I’ll post WIPs as I go.

My children’s lit class is a condensed eight-week course, so I’m entering the crunch period, but it certainly shouldn’t be months between posts now that I’ve got my phone back in order and my stitching gear organized. After classes ease I’ll get back to finishing those promised D&D 5e boxed set posts. Let’s get back on track in February. 🙂

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