Power Glove

Last time I mentioned I was going to start a project for a Sprite Stitcher as part of a swap. At the time I hadn’t even put the pattern together; it was just a concept in my head. Now it’s already done! Sure, it’s a small stitch, but these things usually take me quite a while. This time I stitched at right at a full BMH, so it flew by.

Power GloveThere may be a youngster and/or non-gamer and/or non-watcher-of-cheesy-American-’80s-movies or two among my readers who either doesn’t immediately recognize the Power Glove item from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past or this scene from The Wizard. So now I’ve linked them. You have no excuses.

With this project, I’ve pretty well cleared my plate of homebrewed patterns for the time being. There are tons of iconic Sprite Stitch patterns I want to eventually do, but for now I think I’d better focus on some kit work. Woodland Enchantress, my old nemesis, we meet again!

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