From the Winter Hiatus: Disney Book & Completed Star Trek TNG Hand Towel

Most readers of this blog are familiar with Star Trek Cross Stitch:

Star Trek Cross StitchI participated in this project when John Lohman, administrator of Sprite Stitch, invited forum members to take part in a secret project. It was frantic but rewarding, and now our work is part of the officially licensed Star Trek canon.

After the success of the first project, John made another pitch, this time to Disney. Once again, he invited Sprite Stitchers to join in. After a lot of back and forth, Disney accepted our patterns. I spent last year’s winter vacation in Florida with the family completing my contribution. I was unable to complete a pattern of my own due to time constraints, but I did stitch an amazing pattern by forum user Yurtle. I had never worked with beads before, so there was a certain amount of pressure to get it right the first time. I think it came out pretty well:

Cinderella's CoachIt’s very difficult to see in this shot, but the center of every one of those sparkles is a bead. I used sparkly blending filament to add to the effect. I still need to reframe the piece – after the expense of mailing all those framed Star Trek pieces back to us, John was wise to ask this time whether we wanted them returned framed or unframed. šŸ˜›

The kit is a Barnes & Noble exclusive:

Disney KitIt includes a small pattern book and the materials to make a Pluto bookmark and the Snow White stitching on the cover of the kit.

The reason you haven’t heard about this project despite it being over a year old is that, as is usual with licensed projects, we had to keep quiet about it until its release. Disney kept pushing the release back further and further. When the official release happened in the fall of ’14, I had lots of real-life issues to focus on that took my attention away from the blog. Disney was slow about getting the stitchings back to John. By the time John had the stitchings and participator kits in his hands, I was already on my unscheduled winter hiatus, trapped without an operating camera or a reliable computer.

But now you know about the project! šŸ™‚ Grab the kit next time you’re in B&N. All of the patterns are great, and I especially recommend Yurtle’s Cinderella coach – I know I had fun doing it, even under pressure. As with STCS, I get no royalties or kickbacks if you do buy it. I just think you’ll like it.


So the title of this post also says “Completed Star Trek TNG Hand Towel”. Again, I finished this when I didn’t have access to a camera, so this is me finally getting around to showing it off.

ST TNG Towel(Don’t worry; the stitched portion is oriented correctly relative to the towel, despite what the image seems to show. It’s folded over. šŸ˜› )

I moved Dr. Crusher’s hair toward a deeper red than the orange of the pattern, but otherwise everything else is according to pattern.

This was originally going to be a winter solstice present for my partner’s parents, but I decided to hold off on giving it to them. They’ve been working hard on a really cool project: Star Trek New Voyages (also known as Star Trek Phase II, after the working title for a scrapped plan to run a second series of Star Trek, long before TNG began). They’ve done tons of set work and have also appeared as extras (though their scenes didn’t make it into the final episodes). Given their increasing dedication to the project, I’ve decided to make the hand towel featuring the original series characters and then give both towels to them as an anniversary present.

3 thoughts on “From the Winter Hiatus: Disney Book & Completed Star Trek TNG Hand Towel

  1. That’s so awesome you were a part of the Star Trek book! I’ve borrowed it from the library before, but haven’t yet made any thing of from it. I’m a HUGE TNG fan, although I haven’t been able to watch it since I lost my Netflix!

    • Cool, someone other than my mother who’s seen it! šŸ˜› I made and stitched the raktijino pattern, and I also stitched John’s “Qo’nos Sweet Qo’nos” pattern. CBS rejected another pattern I submitted, a quote from Star Trek VI: “There is an old Vulcan proverb; only Nixon could go to China.” Well, screw you, CBS, I’ll stitch it for myself. šŸ˜›

      It was really amazing watching everyone come together for the book. I have a feeling that the Sprite Stitch boards aren’t done collaborating for big projects like this. If you’re at all interested in crafting related to pop culture, geeky stuff, and/or video games, you should totally join up and hang around. You might get the opportunity to contribute to the next one!

      We’ve been watching TNG with our kids lately, one episode an evening. We’re in Season 7 now. I think they’re still a little young for DS9, especially the latter seasons, so maybe we’ll roll back to TOS when TNG is done.

      • Next time I am around a copy I will make sure to spend time looking at those pieces and appreciating your work!

        I recently had a look at the Sprite Stitch forums, after someone (very possibly you!) mentioned seeing the 3D cross stitch pieces that I posted about, there. While I really would love to be a part of the community, I did not quite feel that I fit in. As someone who is completely bored by video games most of the stitches went way over my head! It is a good place for me to find ideas for my sister (who is a nerd that doesn’t craft) but otherwise I’m at a loss… I’ll try to keep an eye on them though, because I would love to participate in future projects!

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