Mill Hill Snowy Owl

A few months back, I picked up a cool kit at my friendly local needlecraft shop:

Snowy Owl CoverIt took a little courage to grab it. I mean, for goddess’s sake, it’s got “buttons & beads” right there on the cover, bigger than everything except for the image of the stitching. That’s a hell of a warning label. Surgeon General’s Warning: Buttons & Beads May Cause a Complete Meltdown of the Social Order.

After the Disney project I took part in with my Sprite Stitch buddies (and which I’ll detail in the next post), I decided I had plenty to learn about beads, but nothing to fear from them. We like owls in our family, so this new vogue of owl-everything suits us fine; this kit seemed more interesting to me than a lot of other owl-themed items, though, because it goes for semi-realism rather than kitschy country owls. Kitsch has its time and place, but having just finished the excellent Where There Are Bees, I was ready to move in another direction.

Snowy Owl Project CardThis is the first time I’ve attempted to make a project card to hold floss. It looks pretty terrible. 😛 Happily, Mill Hill uses DMC and included the codes for each color. If I somehow run out, I’ve already got extras on hand for everything thanks to my complete DMC collection.

Snowy Owl Beads and ProgressThe beads have adorable names like vanilla, root beer, and bay leaf. 🙂

This is my first time working with perforated paper. It’s a bear to handle. This project clarifies how much I rely on the pliability of fabric to keep my stitches pretty. Even perforated plastic is easier to handle than this. My stitches look like I was in a bar fight when I did them. I’m trying not to beat myself up about it. This was supposed to be a learning piece, after all. I’d still like it to look nice, though, so maybe I’ll do some research about handling perforated paper.

10 thoughts on “Mill Hill Snowy Owl

    • I actually thought it was a fabric project when I bought it. 😛 I’m interested in how it’ll shake out. I get the feeling that beads will actually be easier to handle with the stiffer paper. I’m still a papermodeler at heart (though I’ve essentially abandoned that hobby for stitching in recent years), so working with cardstock is in some ways comforting as much as it is frustrating.

  1. I saw something online about a holder for stitching on perforated paper. You may not want to invest, but maybe you can MacGyver something together?

    • I found a clamp-style lap frame – is that what you saw? I’m not sure about a full frame, as this project is intended to be mostly portable. I do think that perhaps something like a handle would be nice. Maybe a chip clip! 😛

  2. I’ve always wondered about perforated paper, but haven’t come across it at all, just as well, I’ve got plenty going on as it is :p

    • Yeah, I’ve seen people talk about it but never really understood what they meant. I had assumed it was a flimsier thing, like in the 60 – 100 gsm range. This is actually a colored sheet of paper laminated onto a thicker piece of card. I’d estimate it to be over 160 gsm, all told. Definitely a new animal to me!

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