New header!

It took me long enough to knock this out of the way:

Logo header 2It’s really just a weekend project, but it dragged out because of school. A presentation, a final exam, and the paper that wanted to be twenty pages but needed to fit into five – all conspired to keep me away from stitching. On the plus side, that paper will serve as the basis for an excellent graduate dissertation. 😛

In vaguely tabletop-ish news, I’ve been attending a meetup billed as a worldbuilding group for both gamers and authors. We’ve had two sessions, one in which we played Dawn of Worlds (free PDF) and another where we went over how the prior session played out and what changes we’d make for a second run at it.

Dawn of Worlds is a nifty cooperative game for a handful of players – our six-person group was probably about as big as you’d want to get. You start out with a sheet of paper with the outline of a landmass or portion thereof. Each turn, the active player rolls for points and then spends those points on actions like raising a mountain range, creating a new species/tribe, ordering a war, or calling down a calamity. The game is split into three ages which differ primarily in the point cost for certain actions in order to encourage certain actions. For example, creating tribes is prohibitively expensive in the first age, while crafting land features costs more in later ages, so the first age is billed as being all about changing the landscape. The end product is a good starting point for a campaign setting or fantasy novel (though of course you can reskin the game however you like; we considered trying it out as a way to create a space opera setting).

As for stitching news, I’m back to working on that owl now that this is done. I’m slowly learning how to manage perforated paper. Tension is the name of the game. I think I might do a post soon with more detail on what I’ve learned about managing tension with this piece – but I think I need to learn still more first. 😛

4 thoughts on “New header!

    • There are a couple of colors that ended up too similar to show up as distinctly separate whether photographed or scanned. I may have to make a few headers and put them into rotation to make up for it.

  1. Brilliant looking header.. 😀 really awesome to have one.. did u stitch this up too?
    and I’ve the perforated paper.. and yes.. i think one has to be careful with the tension. how’s yours going along?

    • Yes, the header is stitched – unfortunately, the colors didn’t come out as well in the photo. The “t” in “stitches” is a little brighter in person, and the “i” is a little yellower; similarly, the greens have better contrast when viewed in person. In the picture the colors got muddied. 😦

      Snowy Owl is slow going, in part because it’s not as portable a project as I’d like and so I have fewer opportunities to work on it. Hopefully I’ll have an update post soon! 🙂

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