Stitches: Luna & Artemis coming along

I’ve gotten a little more done on Luna & Artemis. I’m working my way down Luna’s head. I’m still debating whether to fill in all the white on Artemis after I’m done with Luna and the circle – on the one hand, I’m a completionist; on the other hand, it gives it even more of a cross-stitchy feel. Tell me what you think.

Night shots are awful. :(

Night shots are awful. 😦

I also picked up this SUPER SECRET nifty project by The Prairie Schooler – “Where There Are Bees”. I found it at my FLCS this past Thursday. The owner said she’d only just got it in the week prior. My spouse comes from a beekeeping family, and bears are a big deal around here at the head of Shenandoah National Park, so grabbing this was a no-brainer. I’d like to get this finished before her birthday in July. At least I can finish the two smaller ornaments if I can’t get the main sampler done! And hey, maybe she won’t even read this post and it’ll still be a surprise. πŸ˜›

When you have kids, your patterns get bent. :(

When you have kids, your patterns get bent. 😦

Bonus: it’s only a four-color pattern – pretty hard to believe on first glance. I’m rather excited! I’ve never actually done a traditional-style sampler. Pretty much all of my cross-stitch work has been geek craft.

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